June 2022


Branch Office LLC was formed in 2008 as a way to consolidate and make digital
modeling, physical modelmaking, and fabrication services and tools available
to the business and student communities in Atlanta, GA while working abroad.

Per achieving architectural licenseure in 2022, a new legal entity and
website are being formed/developed to re-launch Branch Office as an LLP
in New York. The new website will focus on specialty envelope design-research
and include related building-science and building-technology research.

Essentially, Branch Office is a response to the observation that modern
construction, in particular high-performance glazing and cladding systems,
are more accurately characterized as the result of large multi-disciplinary
collaborations, rather than the singular efforts of individuals.

Our name alludes to this, as well as other sources of inspiration including
the natural world, branching structure, ever-evolving green construction practices,
and several historical influences.

Practically speaking, “Branch” is a collaborative problem-solving entity
where time is spent on conceptual, historical, and technical research to develop better application- and project-specific solutions to add value for our clients.  Integral to this approach are digital modeling, simulation, and manufacturing technology,
which are all typically employed to inform and represent our work.

For a visual introduction to who we are, please take a few moments to
browse the project archive!