We can produce Vector Cuts/Etching and Raster Engraving.

FileTypes Accepted







Vector VS Raster Cuts

Vectors are line drawings. They cut fast.

Raster are image files of pixels. They take time = cost more.

How it works

You can email your files to us. Include materials, special instructions, preferred deadline.

Sample Preparations Procedure

All work must be submitted in one of the listed formats. Download the Template Files Here.  Files can be saved in any version prior to 2008.

The template provides a predefined bounding box that matches the laser cutter bed dimensions or 18” X 32”, and includes a ¼” border which is a no cut area. In Autocad, you can copy the bounding box as many times as you want in the same file, this way you don’t need multiple files. A separate file will be necessary for each cut sheet or material in the order. *All files should have no scale or be 1 to 1.

The template provides layer colors pre-set for cut, etch, fold and skip.

     Cut = RED – laser completely penetrates the material
     Etch = CYAN – laser makes shallow cut
     Fold = YELLOW – laser makes deeper cut to allow for folding
     Skip = BLACK/WHITE – laser does not cut

There are four layers required – your file should not contain any additional layers:

    Layer “0” – cutting bed size 18” X 32”, and the size of your material
    Layer “cut” – is used for objects to be cut
    Layer “Fold” – cuts about half-way through the material for folding
    Layer “Score” – is used to mark the surface

All pieces will be sent to the laser at the scale of 1:1. Your file should be prepared at actual size of your model part.

HOW to setup files